Meaningful Learning Through Technology

 Using technology was originally used as a passive , repetitive way of teaching but recent, new updates have allowed for learning and technology to be interactive and extremely beneficial for schools. In order for learning to be meaningful; understanding and articulation need to be introduced. Understanding and articulation can be achieved when learning is active, constructive, intentional and collaborative .  As a new concept is introduced, effective learning requires representing what is needed to know in multiple ways. Many of these new types of technology have allowed for the student to be an active participant in the learning process. If the student is learning how to read using technology for example, the student reads the sentences and as a particular word is misunderstood or unknown to the student, the word can be read electronically and  then the word can be repeated by the student. The same idea is used with writing. This idea represents meaningful learning since many different dimensions of knowledge is introduced.

Other means of technology that have been used to introduce creativity and collaboration include taking pictures, and requiring students to share, and then explain  them. In any grades , it can be used to illustrate an idea .  By creating projects and illustrating them through technology, it  forces the students  go beyond the passive learning, and retain the necessary information… When used for the right purposes , having individual phones, tables, and computers might not be seen as so passive and repetitive after all.


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