Personal Reflection

In grade school and high school, we were lucky if we had computer class once a week. We learned everything through textbooks, library books, documentaries,overhead projectors, and power point. Smartphones were non-existant and flip phones were the norm. The only games I played on my phone and graphing calculator were tetris and snake. But things have change–drastically. I was a little late in the game getting a smart phone, joining Twitter or even Facebook but I have quickly adapted and now I almost feel uncomfortable not having my phone with me. I think technology is a great tool for learning and is almost a necessity. Necessary tools include things like blackboard or ELC.It allows for easy access, between the teacher, student, parents and even school administrators. It allows everyone to move as one common unit and be on the same “page”.

Seeing how fast things have evolved, can we keep up with technology and have the sufficient funds to do so? I think that technology is great and can be such a great asset to any classroom but the constant adjustment can be costly. I think a sufficient base is necessary for any school but we have be reminded that it still remains a tool to learn with technology. And the approach of using it is really the most important. 


One thought on “Personal Reflection”

  1. That is exactly how I feel! My high school did not allow phones or technology unless it was provided by the teachers. We also used smart boards. Now I feel like we are required to use it like you said. Which I see it as a good thing! You are completely right about how much it changes. I feel like I can never keep up because once I master one thing, it changes. I feel like it is a never ending cycle. You hit very good points and I agree completely with your post! 🙂

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