My Floor Plan

My Floor Plan

My classroom is going to encourage virtual learning, all desks will have their own computers, so that videos and demonstrations will be easily shared and viewed by everyone. The teacher would have  a smart board and lectern as well to bring the class back together.

The side tables would be used for group projects, or discussions. This would encourage collaborative learning on top of information shared online.  The corner computers would be used as a base if problems occur to student’s own computers.

The side tables to the right would be used for papers, demonstrations, handouts, or extra table space for students. The cork board would be used for visual reminders of the topic we covered.

Side shelves would be used for storage and extra space for books, papers, book bags…

Many windows can be found around the classroom for natural sunlight. There are two doors to access the classroom, one to enter and one to exit.

Many plants can be found in the classroom to encourage the study  and have visuals of plants and nature. This would be a science oriented class.



One thought on “My Floor Plan”

  1. I like the fact that you have space for individuals to work as well as space for collaboration. I also really like the fact that you allow for natural light. So many classrooms lack this and I do think it has an impact on motivation. Great job!

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