targeted Audience–20% project-Feb 28

Teachers would be my targeted audience regarding any information about flip learning in the classroom. If they heard of the topic and may have some misconception or resentments of the topic, I have to make sure that these are addressed. I also have to come from the perspective of someone teacher who has never heard of the topic, so explaining exactly what and clearly what flipping a classroom is needs to be addressed first.
In order to make my blog easily readable I would divide into different topic, like chapters in a book,  so that individual questions are addressed, and my audience can click to what is interesting to them and ignore the rest. I have to make sure that I present to them real experiences and outcomes of flipping a classroom in order to make my research more credible.
I would also provide links to an actual example, and any other links that may be appropriate. Even though teachers would be my main audience, administrators and parents of students will be interested in the topic as well.
Tags to key words such as teaching, flipped classroom, learning through technology, meaningful learning, visual demonstration, lectures ; would help any  person interested in the topic easily find my blog through the internet world.


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