Visual Literacy

    •  Visual literacy important in 21st century teaching and learning?
    • Visual literacy is important in the 21 teaching and learning because it has become part of our culture. Watching and liking a video on youtube is way to which we can all relate and connect. Youtube video are watched by millions and it only makes sense to connect to the students through these means as wells as others. I think that visual literacy is important but should not replace textbooks and readings, they must always be the primary source of information and then visual pictures or videos illustrate the readings and information.Students retain 50 % of what they hear and see , and depends the children’s learning of texts.
    • Visual literacy is so common in our daily lives…Can you give some examples?
    • Examples of visual literacy include youtube, images, or even concept maps and diagrams that can be recreated using technology such as glogster.
    • As a 21st century learner and future teacher, how would you help yourself or others to develop visual literacy? I would research or even ask my students how they prefer have the material given, through video, images…
    • Do you think keeping this blog with different visual representations is challenging? Why or why not? Not at all, I usually picture things before I explain them, pictures help reinforce my ideas.
    • When having a lot of information I usually categorize and organize visually my note, with color coordination. This helps with understanding and memorization.
  • I usually use Venn diagrams or concept maps to develop/compare and understand my material and ideas. Everything is usually color coordinated ( names one color, other topic other color). When taking the test this diagram is what I visualize and remember.

One thought on “Visual Literacy”

  1. I agree that these videos help us to stay connected and relate to one another. It is an easy outlet for engaging students in a new way. The youtube videos images and maps and diagrams give students a more fun way to learn.

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