20% project–Blog reflection–Social Media (March 7th)

Social media used in my 20% project include– personal blogs, you tube video, linkedin, pinterest.

Personal blogs are the best, because they allow for someone’s personal reflection of real experiences teachers may have on flip learning. Their blogs are usually targeted to parents, administrators or anyone who is confused on the topic. They usually incorporate documents as examples as well as videos. The unique thing about personal blogs is that they include comments that people visiting the blog may have on the topic, accompanied by a careful and thoughtful response from the blogger.

Youtube might be used to get a general idea of flip learning and introducing the topic.

Linkedin and pinterest may be used for links of articles that have often been re-pinned, so that individuals reading the blog might associate with something they have briefly seen or heard about, or use this as a base,  and then I can go into more depth about the topic.

I probably will not ask other to comment on my blog, or blogging on other, because my blog will be a combination of information put together, lacking the “real” experience.


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