Games and Technology

>> Not merely computer games, is there a game that teaches you a lot of knowledge? What is it? Why do you think it helps?

Computer games are a great way to incorporate learning and fun. A computer game that teaches a lot of knowledge . It is game that is involves science math and reading. It divides the each subject and sets up games that start with simple questions and advance to more difficult questions. The game is rewarding, it allow you to try again if you have the wrong answer and is entertaining; if a basket has 10 cherries and she has 5 baskets how many cherries does she have, it carefully illustrated and amusing since facial expressions are often demonstrated in the game.

>> Why is gaming so popular in 21st century learning and teaching in your opinion?

It is a fun way to learn something without really realizing you are learning. Games offer a motivation to keep trying, and advance to the next level (and next level of learning).
>> How can you use the idea of gaming to help yourself or others learn in 21st century learning?

I can use it many ways, when i need to review for an exam, or need to change things up from just reading and taking notes on the material.

>> If you are an education major, please tell us what you think about gaming before and after reading the materials. Also, will you choose to use game tin your future instruction? Why or Why not?

I can use it many ways, but I will most likely teach my class with video, powerpoint and books, then use the game as  added practice to my lesson. It’s a great way to review, and really reinforce the material. The games might no provide the foundation but can provide the practice a student needs.


One thought on “Games and Technology”

  1. Yes! Computer games give students a fun way to learn something. Teaching with videos like you said make it more entertaining for students and allows them to engage in a new and creative way.

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