Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is defined by an environment that includes both virtual reality and real-world elements. Examples include Google glasses, that allow an individual to view an environment different from  the original. Many can relate to this when watching a sports even on screen.  The down marking adds during a football scene , for example, shows information to the scene but are not originally there.

Augmented reality and interactive storytelling (ARIS), has created an easy access for educators to create  downloadable learning platforms to any mobile device. One example described a professor at the university of New mexico designed a program to “help Spanish-language students learn in a real-world context, players talk with real people and virtual characters while visiting the Los Griegos neighborhood in Albuquerque, where they must solve a fictional murder mystery based on current and historical events. Matthiews, a high school teacher, has used Augumented reality in his classroom, an explains ” that placing students in a real-world community context helps them develop a broader understanding of the curriculum content—and create their own meaning.”

I personally think it would be a great asset to any class, reliving or “experiencing” what a student recently learned  is as good as it gets. My only concern is that it would replace standard teaching or real examples such as field trips. This augmented reality can add to learning but should not replace standard learning. I am worried it would replace reading, where someone can experience these visuals naturally. I feel that a student would be less inclined to read to get the “whole picture” of things and expect these augmented visuals for everything. I  also worry about the social isolation this type of technology might bring.


One thought on “Augmented Reality”

  1. You are right about the the interactive storytelling making it easy access for educators. I agree that it would be a great asset to any class. These virtual things could replace the field trips like you said and a student could possibly get more out of the hands on experience.

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