Creativity and innovation reflection post

Write a 250 word blog post (on your blog) that includes highlights of the learning for you personally from both completing the project and from viewing the videos created by other groups. No need to summarize what you did, I want to know about changes in your thinking.

I have learned about different types of applications I could use as a teacher in my classroom that would change from the everyday textbook/note taking class. The three  that stuck out included Prezi Edmondo and evernote. Both of these would be really useful for my classroom, and create diversity in my classroom. Prezu would be great for presentations, it is free, well organized and a great visual for key concepts and outlines of a chapter. Evernote is great for taking notes if someone is absent, or has a learning disability. This allows students with easy access to my notes and visuals. Parents can also have access and can keep track of their child’s learning. Finally Edmondo would be great to have class discussions are particular topics, even allowing students to lead a discussion on a particular topic of interest would be a great add to the regular classroom settings. This would allow the students to research the information and have resources to back up their ideas or point of view.

In a technical aspect, videos with props and humor were very entertaining, and really garbed the audiences attention. I realized the time it takes to make videos and edit, careful planning is necessary.

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